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To be used ideally before Affixit , in addition to all the goods made, this product prevents contamination of our non-acid primer.

  • Cleans, disinfects and dehydrates the natural nail
  • Prepares the natural nail and the PH
  • Helps product adhere
  • Very gentle on the natural nail.

No MSDS data sheet is required as this product is purely non-toxic.

In general terminology, a ''Primer'' allows you to prepare the support, to avoid differences in absorption and to ensure perfect adhesion.

In the field of nails, primers are a base that should not be neglected, as they are essential to maximize the adhesion of the product to the nail.

I have personally divided the primers into 2 categories. Those which prepare the nail (like a dehydrator for example) and the binders which generally create the ''sticky'' link between the Keratin of the nail and the product.

SURE BOND dehydrates the natural nail and prepares it for the next steps.


Apply a thin, controlled layer to the natural nail after thoroughly cleaning and dehydrating the natural nail. Let evaporate.