Teresa Berrios Founder of Radiantan

Hey girl!! My order arrived wow I can't believe how fast it was!!

At Nailify, it is important that your web experience is the same as in store. That's why we make sure your order is delivered as quickly as possible. In the case of this customer, a delivery in less than 24 hours was made in an area more than 250 kilometers from the store.

Hazel Dixon Founder of HD Professional Nail Systems

Knowing the quality of the Akzentz lamp, I was confident in its ability to pass the rigorous tests and I was right. Excerpt: Scratchmagazine UK

The Hybrid Pro lamp from Akzentz is recognized on all continents, but when in addition Jim and McConnell Labs, a competitive and independent American laboratory puts it to the test, that says a lot. Just like the Dot from Light Elegance, the Hybrid Pro from Akzentz is one of the best on the market. I have been using it for years with great satisfaction!

Marjolie Picard-Perron Founder of the Wenhta' Institute

Roxanne is a pearl! She knows her products and her technique very well, her advice is worth gold. Thanks again!

The advice is offered and we are proud of it! Did you know that this is one of the reasons why we insisted on having a storefront despite our investment in a powerful transactional platform. Advising our customers is important to us, so we invite you to use our virtual services for an in-store shopping experience, but from a distance!

Isabelle Noël Editor at Narcity Media

Roxanne knows how to adapt to her clients in addition to an impeccable attention to detail.

Roxanne's attention to detail and curiosity pushed her to always seek more information. Today, she conveys this information in great detail once again. This is why by opting for training at the Gel Académie by Nailify , you are opting for rich content that will allow you to stand out.

Valérie Pelletier Founder of the VIP Beauty workshop

I tried the resin to start and I developed an allergy like many. It took me two weeks to recover from a pose.

Our health is so important. Being well informed, learning more about the different prevention options is a good start. But above all, having all the necessary information before making a career change that incurs costs is essential. Being available to answer your questions is important to us!