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Finally a dust vacuum cleaner, table for nails, with filter and not with bag!

Style PRO SHEMAX Professional Manicure Vacuum Cleaners

This model is the new generation of table ventilation, more efficient and with 2 motors for a suction result evenly distributed over the entire surface of the filter.

With now 4 years of experience in the production of manicure suction systems, the SheMax brand has created a portable model that is perfect in every way. High technological characteristics, as well as an exquisite design solution, are implemented for the model called - Style PRO.

The main feature of the SheMax Style PRO dust extraction system is the presence of TWO motors , instead of one, unlike other models on the market. SheMax is the first designer on the market to come up with and implement the idea of ​​increasing horsepower by installing two centrifugal motors. Thanks to this, the working and suction area is evenly distributed over the entire absorption perimeter. In this completely new model, absolutely the entire 24x17 cm area works, evenly attracting dust.

An additional feature of the new model is the latest “air bowl” technology. Working with the designers and analyzing the airflows, Shemax managed to simulate the effect of a tornado inside the Style PRO model. To do this, it was necessary to create an air depression effect towards the engine, artificially capturing air from the surface and directing it towards the center.

The air outlet is also an element not to be overlooked. Indeed, a bad housing design can cause the motor to overheat and fail. With the Style PRO model, this problem does not exist. Continuous research has led to the perfect solution while maintaining low noise levels.

The technological performance is there. The main body of the system is made of stainless steel. Plastic end caps feature rounded corners and smooth while combining style and elegance in addition to a large selection of colors. A range of colors is available to you! The removable grid is magnetically attached. It is very easy to remove to clean the filter between uses.


Reusable filters are necessary for the proper functioning of the system. It is important to respect the filter maintenance times in order to increase its lifespan: shake after each customer, do not wash with water, store in a dry place. The manufacturer's recommended shelf life is 2-3 months.



In addition to its choice of exploded colors, SheMax offers armrests as work accessories available in all the colors that match your SHEMAX dust collector model. The size of the bracket is ideal for the recommended working height and allows you to adjust the distance as you wish. The stands are available in 13 different colors with stainless steel legs that won't scratch the table. The quality of the armrests is true to SheMax standards! Check them out in our online store.


Use the SheMax Style PRO at the speed you need to grab dust. Depending on the type of dust (products, tips, size, weight) you can adjust the strength of your SheMax to get the most efficiency!


  • Power 54W
  • Dust capture speed -3.7 m/s
  • Trellis size 24x17cm
  • Size of the hood 36x20x7.5 cm
  • Colors: White, Lime, Orange, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Gray and Black
  • 1 year warranty
  • Complete set: hood, reusable filter, block with a plug, instructions with a completed warranty

Customer Reviews

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Zulema N.
Super achat!!

Ça vaut tellement la peine! C’est incroyable comme j’ai moins de poussière sur moi! J’adore!! Super achat!

Sandra Pierre

C’est un indispensable dans votre salon. Meilleur achat.

Must have

Je me le suis offert pour Noël et maintenant je ne m'en passerai plus, un must have pour toi, et tes poumons !

Nancy Thibodeau
Shemax style pro sur table

OMG! Meilleur achat ever !

Hélène Vincent

Très bon aspirateur!! J’ai eu un petit souci avec la prise mais tout est rentré dans l’ordre!!
Très bon service et assez rapide.