Livraison RapideReçois Ton Colis En 2-3 Jours Ouvrables

Bright white for a perfect reverse!

Akzentz's thickest blank, this builder gel allows for super clean reverse french when sculpting. In general, it is perfect for doing extensions, because it is thicker. To work on the technique where we work our smile line over the extension, the Ultra White builder gel is very white gel and works thinner.

In summary:

  • Formation white: Work the structure with your white or reversed French.
  • Ultra White : Work thin over your structure while adding the strength of a builder gel. (can also be put thin in your overhand structure)

Please note that this gel should be cured in layers and it is recommended to create a clear extension on the form first, cure, remove the forms and then apply this gel in order to achieve full catalysation through the UV ray from top and bottom.

  • Viscosity: Medium/Heavy
  • Hardness: Rigid
  • Ultra strong (DST - Diamond Strength Technology)
  • Scentless
  • 100% gel formula
  • Solvent free
  • Made in Canada
  • Rich and ultra pigmented
  • Creamy consistency for controlled application.
  • Catalysis: 30 sec LED or Hybrid
  • Recommended Wavelength: Dual 365/405nm

For professional use only.