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Pro-Formance® Adhere Base Gel

Adhere is a revolutionary gel base that cures (cures) in an LED lamp in 30 seconds or UV in 2 minutes. Provides excellent adhesion and superior bonding to the natural nail leaving a smooth surface perfect for applying any Pro-Formance® Builder gel.

  • Apply in a very thin layer before the builder to optimize adhesion
  • Bluish Base Gel, Fine Viscosity, Flexible.
  • Create an Adhesive Gel Layer
  • Use following nail preparation
  • Catalysis: 30 sec LED or Hybrid
  • Recommended Wavelength: Dual 365/405 nm
  • don't dissolve

Offered only in small size only. The base is a crucial element to your nail application. The small format prevents the product from being contaminated over a long period of time and gives us the necessary adhesion every time. Discard at the end of the pot.


For professional use only.