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GIVE YOURSELF THE PERFECT MANICURE. Luxio is pure luxury in the bottle. Luxio is made of 100% pure, odorless and solvent-free gel. Made of exclusively North American and European minerals and pigments, you will have no worries about allergies or product discoloration.

Its formula is designed to cover and protect the natural nail. Luxio is easy to apply and allows maximum control, thus becoming the semi-permanent gel of choice for a manicure or pedicure that will last over time!


• Scentless
• 100% Gel formula
• Solvent free
• Made in Canada- Using high standard ingredients from Europe or North America.
• Does not damage the natural nail when applied correctly.
• Products for professionals
• Easy to apply
• Rich and ultra-pigmented
• Creamy consistency for controlled application.
• Catalysis: 30 sec LED or Hybrid
• Recommended Wavelength: Dual 365/405 nm