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UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with the new Akzentz range of UV/LED gels specially developed for nail art. Bring out your creative spirit with the unparalleled potential of these highly pigmented colors and glitter. Gel Play is the ultimate choice for breathtaking designs.

Created in 5 different varieties to match your artistic vision:

GEL PLAY PAINTS – highly pigmented colors for fine detail.

GEL PLAY GLITTERS - highly pigmented shades of small sparkles.

GEL PLAY GLITTER SHIFTERS – glitters that change tone depending on base color and angle of light reflection.

GEL PLAY GLITZ – super saturated full coverage foil type glitter sheets. A MUST HAVE 🤩

PLAY BLING ON GEL - Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep nail jewelry in place indefinitely.

PLAY GLITTER ME GEL - Make your own mix with a gel of the perfect consistency to mix with your personal glitter collection.

For professionals only. Image may vary depending on your screen.