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Egoista Professionals - Builder Gels are the perfect choice for creating beautiful nail structures. High quality and resistance are unavoidable advantages. Combined with an adequate structure, they maintain their durability whatever the lifestyle of your clientele. All Egoista Professionals builder gels are extremely strong and preserve the natural state of the nails. Custom made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from Europe and the USA. Egoista offers a wide variety of colors (collection) and opacity allowing you to create extensions and structures perfect for the needs of your clientele. Note that these gels catalyze exclusively under a UV or hybrid lamp.

- Does not heat up in the lamp
- Product of very high resistance and strength
- ''Intelligent'' or ''memory'' gel technology
- Easy and time-saving application
- Medium viscosity
- Monophase / 3 in 1 system (Base gel, builder and finish all in 1)
- Variety of shades available (collection)
- Allows pinching for the C curve
- Catalysis in 60 seconds under a UV or hybrid lamp
- Can be combined with all Egoista products (Tubegel, building gel)

Size: 50ml

Application steps:

Prepare the nails as usual. Remove the dust.
Apply the nail dehydrator.
Apply Egoista Acid-Free Primer with a semi-dry brush sparingly. Be careful not to get any on your skin and let air dry for 30 seconds
Apply a thin layer of Egoista Rubber Base in a rubbing motion and cure under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds.
Mold the product to the desired shape on a prosthesis or stencil. Create the structure of the nails with a gel of the chosen shade.
To amplify the C curve, you can ''pinch'' the gel for after 7 to 15 seconds under the lamp and depending on the lamp.
Then, catalyze with the UV lamp for 60 seconds for the complete polymerization of the gel.
Remove the sticky residue.
Do the finishing filing.
Apply an Egoista Super Shine top coat to add shine and protect against chipping and scratching.

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